Area and Perimeter Word Problems

This resource includes TWO sets of 20 challenging, multi-step area and perimeter word problems for a total of 40 challenges. They are perfect for enrichment and differentiation! These word problem task cards are meant to engage students in meaningful and relevant area and perimeter calculations. They are perfect to use for differentiating for students who have already mastered the basics of area and perimeter and need a little extra push!

What's included in this Fractions Word Problems Pack?

  • Set One (20 Cards) – Area and perimeter word problems for beginners (3rd and 4th grades) (NEW! Added 2021)
  • Set Two (20 Cards) – Advanced area and perimeter word problems that are much more challenging (great for 5th grade and beyond!)
  • Answer Key & Recording Sheet for student answers
  • A DIGITAL, Google Slides version of both sets of cards! Perfect for distance learning or virtual learning days.

How can I use these Area and Perimeter Word Problem Task Cards in my Classroom?

  • As an enrichment activity
  • For early finishers
  • To extend learning
  • As math centers
  • Homework
  • Differentiated math practice
  • As a whole class-activity
  • See even more task card ideas at TaskCards.com (A Teaching With a Mountain View website)

*Some of the problems require students to do multi-digit computations. If you are teaching 3rd grade with students who can't multiply larger numbers, your students might use calculators to do or check some of the larger calculations.

What are teachers saying about Area and Perimeter Word Problems?

“The students loved completing these task cards for area and perimeter. A great activity to get them up and moving around the classroom. Good practice!” – Darlene E.

“These were great for students to apply what they know about area and perimeter. I liked that they weren't just ‘what is the area' type questions. They made my kids think!” – Maggie H.

“I love these challenging word problems! As an AIG teacher, it is difficult to find word problems that are challenging enough for my students. Thanks for the resource!” Tara T.

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