Annotation Guide and Introduction to Annotation

Close reading and annotating go hand in hand, but teaching students WHAT and HOW to annotate can be daunting. That’s why I created this one-stop introduction to annotating! It helps students understand what types of things they should be looking for and annotating and HOW to annotate texts.

This unique format is engaging to students, highly effective, and easy to implement. This introduction to annotate flip book contains a 6-part story, and each part of the story contains an annotation guide that explains WHY and HOW to annotate for each specific skill.

The following annotation skills are addressed:

  • Characterization
  • Vocabulary and context clues
  • Connections
  • Literary devices
  • Visualizations
  • Key details and reactions
  • Inferences

This resource includes:

  • Introduction to Annotation Flip Book
    • 6-Part story with 8 annotation sections
    • Answer Key and Annotation Guide
    • Digital Access
    • Flipbook version AND full page version for easy printing

A Note on Grade Levels: This resource is best-suited for grades 4+ due to some of the more complex vocabulary included.

A Note on Timing: In my experience, each section takes about 15 minutes to complete. We complete it in short chunks together, and my students have loved it!

Looking for more resources to practice annotation? I've got you covered!

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