Angles Task Cards | Digital and Printable

Get ready to learn all about angles with this fun set of task cards that ask students to identify, draw, and measure angles! Engage your students with rigorous angles practice that covers a variety of skills.

This is a full set of 56 fun and engaging task cards for Common Core Angles Standards. (But also works with any curriculum)

These angles task cards cover the following information:

  • Identifying Angles
  • Measuring Angles
  • Drawing Angles
  • Comparing Angles
  • Additive Angle Measures

Digital Access: This resource includes digital access via Google Slides. There are four cards to a page with drag and drop answers, fill in the blank text boxes, and moveable protractor for students to use to measure angles.

Aligned to: 4.MD.5, 4.MD.6, 4.MD.7, 4.G.1 and perfect for Test Prep and Upper Grades Review

Answer Key & Student Recording Sheets Included

You can also purchase this set of task cards in my HUGE BUNDLE of Geometry & Measurement Task Cards!

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