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Adjectives and Adverbs Game



Engage your students in practicing adverbs and adjectives with this incredible Topple Blocks™ game! Inspired by Hope King's use of Jenga games in the classroom, students will use colored Jenga/Topple Blocks™ to practice their language skills. Each colored block has six questions. When a student pulls a certain color, their entire team must answer a question that corresponds to the color.

Which Adverb and Adjective Skills are covered in this Topple Blocks™ game?

  • Choose an adjective from a given list, and write a noun that it might be describing
  • Circle the adverb in a sentence and underline the verb that it is describing
  • Label an adjective as comparative or superlative
  • Write a sentence that includes an adjective based on an image
  • Fill-in-the-blank sentences using adverbs
  • Revise a given sentence so that a comparative adjective becomes superlative

An answer key is also included – perfect for having your students self-check as they play this fun adverbs and adjectives game!

CLICK HERE to read a blog post about how I use this game in my classroom!

**NOTE: You will need a set of colored Jenga style blocks to play this game. You can purchase them on Amazon HERE. (Affiliate Link) You can also paint the edges of a set of regular Jenga-style blocks found at WalMart!

Don't have Topple Blocks? Check out this blog post with FIVE different ways to play, including FREE game boards!


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