Line Study: Take 2!

I posted several months ago about geometry study.  This standard is coming around again with another group of students, and this time I have revamped it a little bit.  I …

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Classroom Pictures

Check out the new link at the top of my page for pictures of my classroom and previous classrooms! I have also added a link to pictures of every anchor …

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Hard and Soft C and G Sounds

In one of my intervention groups, we are working on hard and soft “c” and “g” sounds.  When I was teaching in third grade, we did this yearly as a …

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Visualizing & A Freebie

In one of my intervention groups, we are working on the skill of visualizing as a reading strategy.  These are 3rd and 4th graders that I'm working with, so at …

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Winter Wonderland Reading Incentive!

It's that time of year… lots of teacher are winding down and getting ready for the long awaited winter break.  Unfortunately, so are the kids.  My first year teaching, I …

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Patterns & Coordinate Graphing

We are finishing up our patterns and coordinate graphing unit!  My kids had so much fun with this one, especially coming up with their own patterns.  They love to really …

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